The Baha'is of Winnipeg

Junior Youth Program

The Junior Youth Program brings together junior youth (around the age 11 to 14) from diverse backgrounds in small groups and offers them a setting in which young people can discuss ideas and form a strong moral identity. The basic premise behind the program is the belief that junior youth are capable of thinking deeply about the world and their place within it and that they need an environment that gives them support and encouragement. The program has three interconnected components, described below.

Developing the Power of Expression

The program enables youth to develop their powers of expression - with a focus on critical reasoning, literacy, comprehension and eloquent speech – in order to participate more effectively in the planning, decision-making and development of their communities.

Developing Human Potential

Junior youth groups are accompanied by trained animators to work with materials developed by various organizations around the world designed specifically to develop language skills and the power of expression.

Service to the Community

Service is a critical component of the program as the animators help groups analyze the needs of their community and, through consultation, design, carry out and evaluate service projects that help address those needs.

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